WEEE Ireland Laura Lynn

NEW School Recycling Competition!

23rd October 2018

How to take part? 

Step 1: Pledge to Recycle
– Request a delivery of battery boxes here.

– By sharing the small blue battery recycling boxes with every student you are
pledging to recycle waste batteries in your school
– Place the large blue WEEE Ireland battery box in the school so students can empty
their batteries into this
– Encourage students & parents to recycle waste batteries in your school

Step 2: Learn about Recycling
– Download lesson plans and classroom activities here
– Watch the WEEEPledge videos and complete the questionnaires

Step 3: Battery Collections
– When you have collected a minimum of 10 full shoebox size boxes, request a free
collection here. WEEE Ireland will then arrange a collection from your
school the next time there are merchandisers in the area
– If you have less than 10 boxes, pupils can still recycle batteries by bringing the boxes
to their local participating retailer or local recycling centre. Your school can still enter the
competition also, simply take a photo of the boxes and send it to operations@weeeireland.ie
– You can take part at any stage throughout the year, but the final deadline for entering
the competition is Friday 12th April.

We will send your school rewards such as certificates, stickers and badges. The school who collects the most batteries (measured by tonnes) will receive a prize giving ceremony in their school with lots of fun activities and prizes. The winners will be announced in May 2019. In addition, WEEE Ireland pledge to make a donation to LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice. So, by taking the WEEE Pledge to recycle, your school is also helping families to make the most of short and precious lives, because for them,‘every moment matters’. So why not take the WEEEPledge now so your school can really recycle for good!

Remember… Every Battery Counts!

The WEEE Pledge Team