WEEE Ireland Laura Lynn

Teachers Tips: How to Become One of the Best Battery Recyclers in the Country

23rd January 2017

School Inoformation:

Name of school: St. Colmcille’s  S.N.S., Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Number of students: 747 pupils from 8-12 years

 Principal: Mrs. Lynn Corcoran

Green Schools Co-Ordinator: Annmarie O’Gara


Q. How long is your school signed up to the WEEE Pledge programme?

We have been collecting batteries in our school for at least 15 years. We joined the WEEE pledge programme in spring 2015.


Q. How do you motivate your students?

Our green committee members remind the children to collect batteries when they visit the individual classrooms to present the Weekly Green Report.

The children and their families are highly motivated to assist and contribute to the LauraLynn Charity.

The names of the children, who collect large numbers of batteries, are called out on the intercom.

The Principal regularly explains the importance of careful disposal of used batteries to the children at assemblies and on the intercom.


Q. Do you have any incentives for the students to recycle batteries in school?

We ran an in- school competition before Christmas for the class that brought in the most batteries. The WEEE Ireland voucher was the prize.

We place posters inside and outside the school to encourage members of the wider community to assist our campaign.

The school website and monthly Nuachtlitir inform parents of our recycling initiatives’ progress


Q. How many green flags do you have?

We have five green flags and are hoping to achieve our sixth flag this year.


A huge thank you to Annmarie, the parents and all the students from St. Colmcille’s  S.N.S., Knocklyon, who collected a total of 397kgs of batteries in 2016 which is just incredible!

WEEE have no doubt you will pick up your 5th green flag this year!