WEEE Ireland Laura Lynn

Teachers Tips- Mr.Kinsella Rathnure N.S

16th December 2016

Name of school: Rathnure National School, Rathnure, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.
Number of students: 174


How long is your school signed up to the WEEE Pledge programme? Not sure.


Do you send out information to let the parents know about the initiative? No, just general newsletter updates about the Green schools activities. Maybe this is something we could put on the newsletter as well as the Green Schools news! We update parents of all the recycling children are doing on Twitter.

Do you use the activity sheets on the WEEE Pledge website to help inform the kids about the environment? No

How do you motivate your students? The Green Schools Committee encourage the classes to recycle – they give prizes for good recycling e.g. Stickers, Key Rings etc. The children on the Green schools committee collect the recycling from the classes each week.
We also put pictures of children’s recycling on our Twitter pages. This really motivates the pupils to recycle for good!

Do you have any incentives? See above

How many green flags do you have?

We have three green flags. We are currently working towards our fourth green flag for Travel.


Is there anything else the WEEE Pledge can do to help aid the process?

Run a competition on social media for teachers and schools to create awareness and to help promote recycling amongst children.
Run a competition for children. I know teachers are inundated with various competitions but this could help as well.

Praise children for recycling at class level, whole-school level and by using Twitter!

We were thrilled with the fantastic resources and beautiful certificate we received from WEEE recently.

WEEE Achievers Award 


Le gach dea-ghuí,

Darragh Kinsella,

Mainstream Class Teacher,

Rathnure NS