WEEE Ireland Laura Lynn

Shielbaggan School leading the way

24th April 2014


School on top of the Leaderboard

photoThere are 41 pupils in total in Shielbaggan convent school and every child is involved in used battery recycling!!

Shielbaggan convent has been recycling used batteries since June 2013. In September 2013 they also got the local community involved

How did you communicate WEEE Pledge battery collection drive Picture4

Their Principal included an article on battery recycling in the school newsletter and told parents about the www.weeepledge.ie website.

They also had an article in the local Parish newsletter. Since then they have  sent updates to the community via the Parish newsletter and local notes in the local paper

The WEEE Pledge A3 poster from www.weeepledge.ie website was placed on the “Green Notice Board” and on their Front Door of the school.

So what did everyone think of the WEEE Pledge program

The children think the programme is a really good idea as it makes children aware of recycling. The Leader board is great because it makes us competitive and we want to stay on top!

Involving the Pupils & Community.

The children made sure their families knew about the WEEE Pledge battery collection, this included grandparents, aunts and uncles !!

Picture3The Local community has also become involved as a result of reading about their efforts in the Parish newsletter (thanks to Fr. Don!) and in the local notes in the local newspapers


Each child in the school was given a small WEEE Ireland blue battery box for home and when it was full it’s contents where put into the bigger WEEE boxes in school. Neighbours and friends also sent in their  batteries in bags and boxes!!

Picture2Shielbaggan convent began to work on their first Green Flag in 2012.  There  wasn’t much work to do on the waste side so they decided to concentrate on recycling.  They have also been recycling ink cartridges, mobile phones and clothes to date

They had their First Green Flag inspection in March 2014 and are awaiting good news from An Taisce!!