WEEE Ireland Laura Lynn

Raphoe’s Rapid Battery Collection

24th April 2014

About our school

RAPHOE CENTRAL N S Co Donegal has 183 pupils enrolled in school. All the children are involved in recycling and are encouraged to bring in batteries.

WEEE Battery Recycling

The children in our school normally bring in a large quantity of batteries every year at Easter we have an Easter Draw at our Assembly before the Easter holidays

How did you communicate WEEE Pledge battery collection drive?

For every 10 batteries the child brings in for recycling his/her name goes into the draw once. The class teacher keeps a sheet recording the child’s name and writes down his/her name 2 times for 20 batteries, 3 times for 30 batteries and so on.

As Green Schools Co-ordinator I informed the children on the Committee at one of our meetings about the WEEE pledge programme but as we didn’t have a collection until March we didn’t know where we were on the Leader board so we will be putting in an even bigger effort from now until June.


So what did everyone think of the WEEE Pledge program?

The Green Schools Committee liked the idea of winning laptops for the school but as yet the whole school is unaware of the WEEE programme.

They will know this week when the Minutes of our Green School meeting are read out to all the classes and I know the children will be very excited and with their parents will support it 100%

Why Recycle?

We have been recycling batteries for the past 11 years.Our school is committed to protecting the environment in every way we cansidebar-download-resources-no-link.


Our pupils always collect and bring in a large quantity of batteries.In January last year we decided to increase our recycling totals. We set ourselves a target. We wanted 3000 batteries by March.We collected more than that and exceeded our target. We had collected 4989 batteries in time for our Easter Draw.Since September this year we have collected over 4,000 batteries.