WEEE Ireland Laura Lynn

Electrical and battery recycling outside of school

9th February 2014

Three Easy ways to recycle electrical waste, batteries & energy saving bulbs

The WEEE Pledge programme is a special battery recycling programme developed for schools to sign up to and encourage everybody to recycle as many batteries as they can and save waste batteries from entering landfill. WEEE Ireland, the approved recycling scheme behind the WEEE Pledge programme is authorised to facilitate recycling of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) including energy saving light bulbs through a number of authorised collection streams. This should help all householders to divert their WEEE and batteries from landfill and ensure that hazardous substances are removed safely while as many elements of the products as possible re-enter the production cycle – further helping our environment.

1. Civic Amenity Site:
All unwanted household electrical items, all battery types and energy saving light bulbs can be brought to your nearest civic amenity site for free recycling. A full list of these locations is available here.


2. Retailer:
If you are planning on updating any electrical items in your home, don’t forget how easy it is to bring back your now unwanted electronic goods to the same retailer for free recycling (on a one for one, like for like basis).
Portable waste batteries can also be brought back for free recycling to any battery retailer that sells similar batteries, even if you don’t purchase anything. More detail here.


3. Collection Days:
Take part in a special FREE WEEE collection event in your area. All household electrical waste, as well as all batteries and energy saving light bulbs, can be recycled here including unwanted TV’s, fridges, hair dryers and everything in between with a plug or battery. Upcoming events can be found on our facebook page or here.