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resources-teaser-page-imageThe WEEE Pledge programme, brought to you by WEEE Ireland is designed to encourage schools and communities to recycle all portable waste batteries.

Education is a key part of the WEEE Pledge programme and to help teachers, parents and students become great battery recyclers, there is a bank of informative, interactive and educational assets available to all schools who get involved in the WEEE Pledge programme.

Download all the Poster and Flyers here (20mb) »

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Letter to Principal »

School Poster »

WEEE Pledge Process Infographic »

WEEE Pledge Irish Process Infographic »

WEEE Pledge Info Flyer »

WEEE Pledge What’s it all about »

WEEE Pledge Bosco Poster »

WEEE Pledge Info for Parents »

WEEE Pledge Poster A3 »

Collection Point Battery Safety Leaflet »

Battery Collections Leaflet »

Screen our NEW battery educational video on the importance of battery recycling below:


All you need to do is request battery boxes, then when you have all your batteries ready for collection return your boxes.