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WEEE Pledge is a FREE battery recycling education programme for schools. By engaging in fun learning activities and taking charge of battery recycling students (and their families) learn about the importance of recycling to protect the environment and support LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.

Education is a key part of the WEEE Pledge programme and to help teachers, parents and students become great battery recyclers, there is a bank of informative, interactive and educational assets available as follows:

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General Information:

Info for Teachers »

Info for Parents »

Battery Collection Map »

Battery Storage Safety Leaflet »


Lesson Plans and Class Activities:

Primary School Junior Lesson Plan »

Primary School Junior Activity Sheet »

Primary School Senior Lesson Plan »

Primary School Senior Activity Sheet »

Post Primary School Lesson Plan »

Mascot Colouring Sheet »

Word Search Sheet »


School Posters:

How WEEE Pledge Works »

We Pledged, have you? »

How WEEE Recycle Your Batteries »

How WEEE Recycle Your Batteries (Irish Language) »

Bosco Donation Goal »

LauraLynn Recycle for Charity »


Educational Video:

Screen our NEW educational videos in your school on the importance of recycling batteries & e-waste:


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